MediBikes main fleet consists of our motorcycles.

We have added to our Fleet 4 Kawasaki GTR1400 motorcycles


These vehicles are specially converted by Woodway engineeringi ltd in conjunction with Kawasaki UK. Woodway are the sole importers of whelen emergency equipment.

Each bike has an integrated communication system which connects to the riders Bluetooth helmet and delivers clear speech even at high speeds. Communication, can be made via GSM, and all navigation aids are channelled through the to the riders head set. All blue lights are the latest generation 3 LED’s and there is a 100 watt siren. A secondary battery supplies all the audible and visual warning devices, the main battery is kept just for the normal running of the vehicle, this means there is no need for a run-lock system, which keeps down pollution and saving fuel. The rear panniers are adapted to remain unlocked, making fast access to the medical equipment easy.

Navigation is made using the Garmin Zumo. The Zumo can be interconnected with the ambulance service Terrafix system.



Skoda Octavia VRS ESTATE.

MediBike RRV

We have chosen this vehicle as a support Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) for its vast storage area and excellent vehicle dynamics. It has the highest specification of visual and audible warning devices, including, the lowest profile LED light bar available (911 galaxy) to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

Internally, there are 3 colour cameras, 1 forward, 1 rear and 1 internal. Images and sound are recorded continually with speed and exact GPS location. This enables prompt investigation should any incidents arise. In the rear storage area, there is a full security cage which houses all the emergency equipment including A medical gas holder and a safe.